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About Gala Live app

Gala Live is a brand new vibrant app that makes dating borderless and chatting more fun and dynamic.

Currently, with over 500 agencies and 3000 broadcasters in Gala Live app. GalaLive achieved a hundred thousand visitors daily. Go Dating and Livestreaming in Gala Live, and at the same time, join the affiliate program (agency program) to earn more than $1500 a month.

Gala Live Agency Program

Become Gala Live Agent and easily earn competitive commissions every week. The following is about the commission policy and registration method of the agent, please read it carefully.

Total Weekly Revenue
(Hosts + subagents)

Commission Ratio

< $ 150

0 %

$ 150

5 %

$ 500

10 %

$ 1.500

15 %

$ 5.000

20 %

$ 15.000

22 %

$ 50.000

24 %

$ 150.000

26 %

$ 500.000

28 %

$ 1.500.000

30 %

Determining total weekly earning and commission

Your weekly earnings: affiliated hosts weekly income + sub-agents weekly income.

Your weekly commission: consists of the sum of (1) and (2):

  1. Commission ratio * affiliated hostess total weekly income
  2. (Your commission ratio ▬ sub-agents commission ratio)  X sub-agents total weekly income.

How to become a Gala Live agent?

Click on the button below to register your Gala Live agency, and after completing the registration process you will be landed on the admin page for agents. Through the admin page, you will be able to affiliate Hosts to your Gala Live agency and view their data provided by Gala Live.

Enter and complete your information to sign up as shown on the following picture:

Gala Live Agency Ragistration
  1. Create your Username (login ID) 
  2. Set your agency Password
  3. Choose Agency Name
  4. Enter Phone number
  5. Click "Send"
  6. Get Code via SMS and put it on "Verification Code" field
  7. Click Bind

Gala Live Agency Login Link : 

How to invite hostess ? 

Invite hosts manually or through an invitation link :

Invitation link for Hotess :

If a Host hasn't been registered on Gala Live, you can send them the invitation link on the dashboard page so that they can register.

GalaLive Invitation link for hostess

Your invited Hosts will need to register their phone number and set a password to complete the registration process through the link, and then they can log in directly in Gala Live with the registered phone number.

GalaLive host registration

Add Hostess Manually : 

You also can bin Hosts if they meet the following two conditions, but you will need to add them manually to your Hosts list as shown in the pictures below.

  1. Not being affiliated to other agencies and being registered for less than a month.
  2. Have a linked phone number in Gala Live.
Gala Live Bind Hostess
GalaLive Bind Hostess

What if a Host doesn't know their bound phone number?

They can check their bound phone number on the withdrawal page.

Gala Live Hostess Agree Agency

Note: Your invitations will be displayed on the Hosts' withdrawal page for them to accept or reject your invitation, and if they accept, then they will successfully become affiliated with you

Hostess Program

In Gala Live, Hosts can earn money by Dating male users or Live streaming to earn Beans. Additionally, completing Tasks and claiming daily rewards can reward you with up to 275.000 Beans (coins).

Share Ratio

Share Ratio is the portion you will be paid in Beans each time a user consumes Diamonds for you.

Beans earn ratio ranges from 60%—80% (Beans = Diamonds spent * ratio), and to exchange them:

10,000 Beans = 1 USD

For example

When a male user calls you, he will consume 3200 Diamonds per minute. So if a male user calls you for 1 minute and your ratio is 80%, then you will earn 2560 Beans.

(*Note: If a male user makes a call for the first time, he will enjoy a 40% discount, making it 1280 Diamonds per minute.)

When a male user gives you a gift that costs 100,000 Diamonds and your Share Ratio is of 80%, then the amount of beans you will be getting from this transaction is 80,000.

Hotess Reward

You will find a wide list of tasks available in Gala Live, each of which will grant a huge amount of Beans upon completion.

Hotess Rewards tasks Gala Live app Agency

How do you increase the Share Ratio?

Share Ratio increases as a Host accumulates Bean earnings and climbs up in the Charm Rank. In other words, popular Hosts will get a higher Share Ratio and earn more Beans.3.Agency Program

How to invite Sub-agents to Gala Live ? 

Affiliate Sub-Agents

Settlement & Payment

The Hosts who are competent on 1v1 chatting, and girls only. Sundayat 23:59 (UTC+8), and your earnings will be paid on the following Tuesday. To put it simply, Gala Lives automatically pays out your commissions and your affiliated Hosts salary every Tuesday, and you need to pay them back their appropriate earnings.

Gala Live currently support Paypal and Epay as payment method, which will change later based on each region.

  • Epay (Create account now)
  • Note: weekly payout must exceed 10 USD, any amount less than 10 USD will be kept until the next payout cycle and so on. In the case that an user requests a refund through Google Play or the App Store, then our system will automatically deduct the corresponding amount from the Host.

    Rules & Guidelines

    Agency Guidelines

    ① Inviting or affiliating any Hosts registered for more than a month is not allowed, and if you are caught breaking this rule, your relationship as agent-affiliate will be canceled.

    ② No form of advertising is allowed inside Gala Live. If you are caught advertising, we will cancel your commission payment and instantly terminate our contract with you.

    ③ It is not allowed to deduct money from a Host's salary, so please pay their according salary on time. If we find out or receive such a report, we will either pay them their compensation or terminate your agent-affiliate relationship.

    Hostess Guidelines

    ① After registering and before start making money, Hosts should first complete these following steps to improve their account profile, which will increase their exposure and generate more visitors.

    Host Profile Verification :

    Gala Live app hostess profile

    Photo requirements: it must be a real-person neat and clear photo with make up on, and have had a beauty edit; no large scale nudity is allowed.

    Video requirements: we recommend that you upload an introductory video or a featured skill intro video of yourself; no nudity or sexual content allowed.

    ② When livestreaming, make sure you are in a clean bright sighted space, and that your face is on display with make up on; in addition, we will use some criteria to judge whether the Host is performing well or not. Hosts with poor performance may experience interruptions in their videos or livestream, and repeated poor performance will result in exclusion from the Suggested List and from a number of rewards.

    ③ In addition, the following are strictly forbidden:

    • Livestreaming sexual content.
    • Registering multiple accounts in Gala Live.
    • Changing agencies or joining other agencies after being registered in Gala Live for more than one month.
    • Advertising third party platforms.
    • Livestream featuring minors.

    Depending on the severity, failure to comply with these rules will result in an instant ban, deduction of salary, or even deduction of commission as a punishment.

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