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You can become Chamet agent in the next 3 minutes and manage your own Chamet agency and oversea your chamet hosts to work on Chamet Live.

So, becoming Chamet Agent let you work from home and earn a pretty good commission, you can register Chamet Agency today by following these steps : 

  • How to create Chamet agency account ? 
  • How to become Chamet agent ?
  • How to login on Chamet agent dashboard ?
  • All about Chamet agency registration (step-by-step)

About Chamet APP

Chamet App - Live Video Chat & Meet & Party Rooms is a mobile application that allows users to make new friends around the world at anytime, using private video calls - face to face - chat 1 to 1 - Random match - live streaming or Party rooms.  

Chamet Agency Commission Ratios

Chamet Agents get a daily commission based on Total earning in the last 30 days earned by all of your Hosts and Chamet subagents. 

Chamet Agency Commission ratio depends on the earning in the last 30 days (Hosts salaries + Sub-agents earnings).

Total earning in the last 30 days*

Commission Ratio %

$ 500 - $ 1499

5 %

$ 1500 - $ 4999

10 %

$ 5000 - $ 14.999

15 %

$ 15.000 - $ 49.999

18 %

$ 50.000 - $ 149.999

20 %

$ 150.000 - $ 499.999

22 %

$ 500.000 - $ 1.499.999

24 %

$ 1.500.000 - $ 49.999.999

26 %

$ 50.000.000 - $ 149.999.999

30 %

*For new agents (Registration duration is less than 30 days), the agent daily commission ratio is determined by your hostesses + subagents total earning from your registration day to yesterday.

How to Register New Chamet Agency Account

Chamet Agent Registration - If you want to create your own Agency account in Chamet app to Become a Chamet Agent, fill the registration form in this link :

STEP 1 - Create Chamet Agency Account

  1. Enter Username : remember the username because you will use it to Login on Chamet Agency Account
  2. Enter Password : remember the password aswell
  3. Confirm your password
  4. Choose your Chamet agency name that you want to use (this will be seen by your Hosts).
  5. Put your phone number and your country code on the list 
  6. Type the Captcha code
  7. Click on "Send" to receive OTP code by SMS

STEP 2 - Chamet Agent Login - ( Chamet Agent Company )

This is the place where you will do most of your administration work of your chamet agency. If you want to login to your Chamet agent management system ( ) use your Username + Password :

  1. Enter your Username that your choosed before
  2. Enter your Password
  3. Click on Login button to get acces your Chamet agency Management system

How to Add Hostesses ?
Invitation link for hostess


To bind new hostess to your chamet agency is to send her your "Invitation link of Hostess"

To do that,

Login to your Agency Dashboard > Click on "Invitation Link for Hostesses".

It will be copied to your Clipboard, and just Past it where you want to send it.

It is very important for the registration to be correct, start by the PHONE  or GMAIL, and a valid "And account" (more explanation after agency registration).

STEP 1 - Chamet Host Open invitation link and bind her phone number

Ask your future Chamet Host to open invitation link and bind her phone number.

When Hostess opens your invitation link, Your future host have to fill this form to join your chamet agency: 

  1. Hostess choose Country Code & put phone number
  2. Hostess Click "Send"
  3. Hostess Enter the OTP
  4. Hostess Click Bind

STEP 2 - Chamet Host Download Chamet app from Store

Ask her to Download Chamet Apk from Google play Store and register new account using her Phone number like this : 

How to do Face Verification on Chamet app ?

Face verification is important and required before your host start Streaming and earning on Chamet app. 

My Earning -> My Wallet -> Face Verification


Chamet host Face Verification process :

  1. Go to My Earning > My Wallet 
  2. Click on Face Verification
  3. Then Hostess follows the quick steps.

Face verification is important and required .

You will fin a circle mark that shows your face, follow instructions : 

  • No head : Head slightly up
  • Blink : close and open your eyes
  • Open Mouth : Open and close your mouth
  • Shake head : Shake your head left to right.

Chamet Hostesses Salary

Each day, Chamet Hostesses get payment of the earned Beans : 10,000 beans = $1 (USD)

1.200 Beans/Minute + Gifts
(hostesses can change the Chat Price as they wish)
10.000 Beans = $1 (usd)

Chamet hostesses get payment everyday. 

Hostesses can earn from 1,200 to 12,000 Beans per minute from Private 1-to-1 Video call, and receive Gifts (each gift is equal to a specific amount of beans). 

Beans (coins)

Income ($)

100.000 πŸͺ™

$ 10

200.000 πŸͺ™

$ 20

300.000 πŸͺ™

$ 30

700.000 πŸͺ™

$ 70

1.500.000 πŸͺ™

$ 150

2.000.000 πŸͺ™

$ 200

10.000.000 πŸͺ™

$ 1000

20.000.000 πŸͺ™

$ 2000

Hosts can choose from several options available to receive gifts and earn money :

  • Live Streaming : interact with multiple Chamet users. Because it will make it easier for hosts to get calls and earn gifts. 
  • Random Match : allows Hosts to meet NEW Chamet users and each one decide to skip or to continue with a private call.
  • Party room : This chamet feature allowing multiple Chamet users who are playing games by multiplying their beans to get more profit.

All of the 3 ways bring private calls and Gifts to your Chamet hostess. Your host earn Beans on every minute on private call (video chat 1-to-1), and every Gift have a specific value of beans (Beans = $$) 

Note about Random Match : this feature it is more limited to get beans, so we suggest you to focus more on live mode.

Chamet Events for streamers: Daily & Weekly & Annual..

Chamet has various interesting events that gives Hostesses the opportunity to earn more. Chamet Events are always held every day & week & year:


Daily Event / Daily Star

If the total bean revenue in the host country is reached, Chamet usually give prizes to the hosts every day. The prize can reach $1000 every day.

For more detailed information, check on Chamet application.


Chamet weekly Events

For example, this event is between several countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

 The host with the highest income from all over the country will get a prize and will be announced afterwards and then the prize will be sent on Tuesday. 

Chamet Hosts Penalties & Punishments

Please be patient and careful with Alerts and penalties. multiple alerts could suspend permanently your hosts.

  • 1 alert in a day, you will be suspended for 5 minutes
  • 2 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 15 minutes 
  • 3 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 30 minutes
  • 4 alerts in a day, you will be suspended for 24 hours

If you have been suspended for 24 hours, you will not be able to work for a while. 

Chamet Hosts must RESPECT RULES !

Sexual & Pornographic behaviours are NOT permitted ! 
Engaging in chamet nude content or any other sexual and pornographic behaviors is strictly prohibited!

Focus on sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, and breasts.

Do not : Focus on sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, and breasts.


Do not : Deliberately exposing sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, or breasts.


Do not : Twist the hips or breasts.


Do not Put your hands on your body with a movement.


Do not : Biting or licking, sticking out tongue, or sucking fingers in a sexual seductive manner.


Do not : Undress to reveal shoulders, stomach, chest, back, hips, thighs, or vagina.


Do not : Showing sex toys or using something for vulgar purposes like licking bananas, eggplants, cucumbers, etc.


Do not : Vulgar gestures with sexual or insulting implications.


Do not : Wearing tights with clearly visible contours in the vaginal area.


Do not : Wearing tights with contours that show the buttocks clearly.


Do not : Naked with no underwear on the screen/frame, showing only the shoulders, back and thighs.

Chamet App Chat & Message Rules & examples

Words that have correlated meanings, abbreviations, or phrases are also prohibited - Chamet team will ban all users using :

  • Adult content such as pornography is NOT allowed. (e.g., boobs, nipples, penis, pussy, sex, naked, fuck, lust, butt)
  • In order to protect streamers, it is NOT allowed to provide users with personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, Facebook accounts, WhatsApp, etc. CHAMET encourage you to create fictitious information about yourself. (e.g. ID number, home address, phone number, email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)
  • Other payment information is prohibited from mentioning in sending messages, requesting and receiving money from users through other payment systems, is strictly prohibited. (e.g. PayPal, cash, bank card, GooglePay, WesternUnion
  • No vulgar gestures or symbols. (e.g.πŸ†, πŸ–•, πŸ‘…, πŸ’¦, πŸ‘‰πŸ‘Œ, πŸ‘™, 🍌, πŸ‘, 🍼, ☝, πŸ”ž)
  • Offensive words including dirty talk are not allowed. (e.g. nigger, yellow monkey, ching-chong, bastard, whore, etc.)
  • Any content involving violence, weapons or illegal drugs. (e.g. guns, C4, bombs, drugs, cocaine, marijuana, weed, terrorism)
  • NOT allowed to talk about other platforms. If you know of someone requesting a streamer to work on another platform, please report it to us directly or through your agent.

Chamet Standards and Rules

Some serious violations would cause strict punishment such as ban the hostess from Chamet app, confiscation of related agency’s commission.

Standards of Profile Picture :

  • Host should wear makeup or use photo with beautification.
  • You should use a photo of yourself.
  • Your photo should be in high definition and with proper-brightness.
  • Your photo should be with a tidy background.
  • You should use a half-length photo and dress decently.

Rules during the Live Mode

  • Wear clothes and makeup
  • Stay warm and bright around
  • Keep your background neat and pleasant
  • Use headphones to communicate better
  • Greetings at first sight
  • Make sure to show your face in the middle of the screen

Rules during Private Video Calls :

  • No limit during Private video call.

Last but not least, Chamet live app artificial intelligence system helps us to do these inspections and it is very sensitive, so please inform your hostesses to avoid unqualified behaviors. Moreover, our AI system also can detect out hostesses who are not able to earn and stop distributing calls to them, so you should not recruit hostesses who are not good at this profession to us because they will be dismissed anyway.

Chamet Agency Payment - Metwallet

Chamet payout method (cashout & withdraw) for agents is done via MetWallet everyday, you will find at least one of this withdrawall methods depending on your country : 

How To Register EPAY account

Epay is one of the best payment method to withdraw your earning from Metwallet / Chamet. Here is how to register & verify Epay account, and make a withdrawal to the bank account.

Before transferring money to your local bank account, you need to have an Epay account and make it verified. In this video, you can learn how to register an Epay account and verify it with your identity information. 

Any secrets ?
Your revenue will grow by increasing the number of chamet sub-agents, which is Chamet most significant feature.

How to invite SubAgents to Chamet :

By inviting new Sub-agents to join your team, you get higher daily earnings, which mean higher commission ratio ! 

After creating your own dashboard on Chamet and becoming a new Chamet official Agent, you can send your own link to invite other agents who wants to work with Chamet and get their own dashboard.

You can find your invitation link for Agents here: 


Who are Chamet SubAgents ?

Your Chamet SubAgents are simply other Agents you invite to Join Chamet as Agency with your invitation link. Because all new agents must be invited by another agent. So when you invite a new Chamet Agent you are his Upper Agent (or mentor) and he is your sub-agent.

Your subAgent owns his own dashboard and manage his team independantly, and get paid directly from Chamet (just like you). 

What's the benefit for you ?

Remember, your commission ratio as an Agent is based on the total revenue generated by your hosts and your sub-agents in your agency.


Your commission ratio % will be determined everyday, based on Total Revenu in last 30 days. on the total revenue of your agency.


Agency Commission calculation - Subagents (only)

Your revenue will grow by increasing the number of sub-agents, which is Chamet most significant feature.

Agency Commission calculation - Subagents + Hosts


Example from a real Chamet Agency

Chamet Agency earning
Pretty Talent is the Largest Chamet agents Collaborator worldwide. All the Chamet agents registred with our collaboration get contacted by a mentor within the 24 hours after registration (business days only) for mentoring about how to manage chamet agency, how to hire chamet hostess, best tips to get higher commission ratios... all included in our free coaching via Whatsapp & Telegram.

Chamet Agency Policies PDF

Please Read all Chamet Agency Rules and policies related to Chamet agent work, Hostesses work, commission, salaries.. You can download this PDF :

Frequently Asked Questions

- How to download Chamet app store ? is chamet available on app store ?

Yes, Chamet is available on the Google Play Store.

- How to doawload chamet mod apk ?

We do not recommend downloading the Chamet Mod APK from any source other than the official Chamet APK download on Google Play.

- How much I Can earn from Chamet ? 

Different commission ratios are depending on the total weekly revenue of your Chamet agency. if you have 20-30 hostess then you can earn good commission from chamet. 

- How to withdraw Agency commission ? 

As an Agent, Chamet will send to you your earnings automatically everyday - if the amount is minimum $10, if not, it will be accumulated (nothing lost)

- How does chamet work? 

Chamet operates as a social media platform facilitating user interactions and fostering a community of followers. Through live broadcasts or private calls, hosts can receive gifts from their audience.

Chamet agents or agencies play a role in overseeing hosts, ensuring adherence to Chamet's guidelines, and they earn commissions for managing hosts and sub-agents.

- How to become chamet diamond seller ?

To become a chamet diamond seller, you typically need to engage with the platform's for guidance.

Chamet agents primarily focus on managing hosts and ensuring compliance with platform rules, rather than diamond selling. You may want to explore Chamet team or contact their support team for more information on becoming a diamond seller.

- How to get unlimited diamonds in chamet ? 

Chamet, like any other platform, likely has guidelines and policies in place regarding the acquisition of in-app currency ( free diamonds ). It's important to respect those guidelines and engage with the platform in a fair and responsible manner.

- Chamet Agent receive (commission + salaries) OR ONLY commission ? 

The salaries are sent to hostessess directly, and the commission fees are sent to agent directly. (The salaries of indian hostesses are also sent to hostesses directly.)

Due to policies of different countries, Bahrain agents will get salaries of their hostesses and pay them separately.

- What is Payment method for Chamet Agents ?

Chamet payout method for agents depends on the agent country, (you will find at least one of them depending on your country) : 

  • About Chamet Agents work
  • About Chamet Hostess work
  • Best Chamet App Features

Best Chamet app Features 

Chamet App is Live streaming app & Random Match app at the same time which includes all functions that Hosts and Agents need in this industry. Chamet app Features :

  • Chamet app is installed by more than +10 000 000 individuals worldwide.
  • Hosts can choose to work on Video chat 1-to-1 / Live streaming / Party room sreaming / Random Match / text chat messages, at anytime.
  • Video chat 1-to-1 (Private video call) with worldwide registred users and earn Beans for every minute (Beans = $$).
  • Live Streaming to interact with multiple Chamet users at the same time, they can send you Gifts or Call you 1-to-1 video for more fun.
  • Party room is a great chamet feature allowing multiple Chamet users to Livestream together.
  • Random Match allows Hosts to meet more Chamet users and each one decide to skip or to continue with a private call.
  • Text chat message with Real-Time translation allowing chamet users to text anyone from any country.
  • Chamet camera options allow streamers to use Filters, beauty effects and customize their own beauty effects to make her look more gorgeous and have more fun.
  • Hosts can receive a private call on all Chamet features (live streaming / Random match / ....) and get paid for every minute.
  • Hosts can choose their own Private Call Price 1,200 Beans per minute - 2,400 Beans - 12,000 Beans or more... ( Beans = $$)
  • Ask and receive Gifts from Chamet users on Live streaming or Private calls or Text chat... Each Gifts is equal to a specific amount of (Beans = $$).
  • Chamet app block screenshots and screenrecord to avoid any privacy violation from malicious users.